Your employees will learn much more effectively through the power of interactive storytelling.

Our custom e-learning solutions make each employee the hero of the story.

Do your employees “drift off”
during online training sessions?

When people are bored…

We make e-learning vastly more fun and engaging by having your employees actively participate in workplace stories.

At Griotitude E-Learning, we create e-learning that portrays your employees as the hero in a role-playing adventure. Their personal involvement keeps them active and alert from start to finish, so they learn much better and retain much more of it.

This kind of energetic e-learning can also serve to reflect your organization’s professional culture and help your employees identify with it.

We directly apply adult-learning science to e-learning and can adapt it to fit people’s busy lifestyles and shorter attention spans.

You’ll benefit from 25+ years of experience in adult education and instructional design.

We understand how adults learn – what works and what doesn’t.


Our founder is certified to teach adults in higher education. While she began by teaching in college, most of her career has been devoted to teaching adults in the workplace. We use the insights and knowledge she has gained over the past quarter century to enable employees to acquire the skills that organizations need to be successful.


The bottom line: your employees will be more confident, capable and committed to continual learning.

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