Our Story

“I believe if you’re the hero of a story, you’ll do everything possible to achieve a happy ending.”

~T.J. Akisanya, M.S., Founder & Instructional DesignerBook a call
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Our story:

There’s no denying the unrivaled power of storytelling for passing along skills, knowledge, and values.

Most stories feature a hero.

This is an exceptional individual who usually goes on an important quest that ends in new insight or knowledge. Most people identify with that hero – often a superhero – because we want to be one ourselves.

That desire to be heroic forms the basis of our approach to e-learning: to center the learner as the hero in their story, capable of accomplishing any task that needs to be done. This immediately captivates learners as they become personally invested in the outcome. They want to learn.

Heroes actively participate in the quest.

That is why we ensure that learners are active participants in the story by using gamification, problem-solving, knowledge checks, and adult-learning techniques to provide meaningful interactions. 

This enables learners to practice, build confidence, and visualize themselves using their new skills successfully on the job.

Our name, “Griotitude” embodies our learning philosophy.

In West Africa, Griots are storytellers, musicians, and oral historians who pass down knowledge and traditions in an unbroken line of continuity. They teach by telling stories. 




Professional photo of T.J. Akisanya - founder of Griotitude E-Learning.

T.J. Akisanya, M.S.


For over twenty-five years I’ve created engaging learning solutions for adults, both domestically and internationally, across a broad range of industries. 

At the beginning of my career, I earned my certification as a Teacher of Adults in Higher Education because I believe that everyone deserves a quality education, so I wanted to learn how to do it right.

Today, my mission remains the same: to provide quality learning experiences that help workers obtain the skills and knowledge they need to realize their dreams and transform their lives.

It’s spelled out in this simple formula:

Storytelling + Interactivity + Practice = Transformational Learning

From a personal standpoint, gaining an education was the key to transforming my own life.

As well as being a teacher, I have a bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering from London Metropolitan University and a master’s degree in computer science from University College London. These additional skills (along with some industry experience) opened the door for me to be offered a job as a Consultant Software Engineer at Lucent Technologies in Illinois.

So, in 1998, I made a life-changing decision to move from London, UK to the US.
I currently live, work, and play in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Every workplace has a story of interest, including yours.

Let us help you create e-learning that features the stories your business needs to tell. 

It all starts by connecting via a video call in which we will discuss your business objectives and then explore ways of developing an e-learning solution that’s custom-designed to suit your employees. 

To learn more, please schedule some time on my calendar, with no obligation. I can’t wait to help you create your own learning story!